West Side Transport Direction

West Side Transport recognizes the trucking industry is changing. 15 years ago you could find a great number of drivers that would be willing to go out for 4 to 5 weeks at a time and then get home for a couple of days and then do it all over again. Today is a little bit different in drivers want and deserve more home time to do all of the things people do with a regular 9-5 position if such a thing exists anymore.

West Side Transport is looking at our freight and seeing what we can add to it that would make sense for us and the structure we are looking to accomplish that will allow the drivers that want to get home daily, home. We want to give those drivers their home time but also want to give the drivers that want longer lengths of haul and prefer getting home weekly and biweekly the paycheck they deserve.

The Plan

We have already established what we like to call our Chicago Hub position that get the drivers in this position home daily making deliveries within a 200 mile radius around the Chicago, IL area. The next Hub location is in Cedar Rapids, IA for our home daily positions out of our main terminal. We have a couple ideas in the works as far as where we would want the next Hub to be located but it’s definitely in the works of conversation.

By creating a Hub position and adding longer lengths of haul we will now be able to start working on creating an even better paycheck for our home weekly and biweekly positions. With the Hub we will be able to use them as our local deliveries which means our regional and over the road drivers will be able to drop their load in a yard grab another load and start trucking down the road without having to go directly into the customers shipping quarters as often which means more time to actually do what you do best, DRIVE!

I am going to ask you to use your imagination so you can visualize this with me!

Think of Chicago, IL. Now put a big red circle around Chicago which would be our Hub fleet’s driving area that will allow them to get home daily. Okay so you got that? Good! Okay put the same circle around Cedar Rapids, IA which will be the same as Chicago Hub with a 200 mile radius to get home daily. Got it? Good! Now take those 2 big red circles and picture a bunch of green lines drawn to Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, and Arkansas. In my mind it looks like a spider web of sorts with the 2 middle hub positions and a bunch of webbing coming off it going to various parts of the country.

Help us out- We understand this is an ambitious plan and that we need to make many, many changes to allow us to succeed at creating, implementing and making sure the plan going forward is successful. If you currently drive for us we need your help in being patient and allow us to make the changes that will eventually help you be more successful with West Side Transport. West Side Transport doesn’t make a change without talking about the drivers first and how it will affect them, their family and their paycheck. Drivers are by far the most integral part of West Side Transport that we need to make sure are happy and retained!

Let us know if you have any questions about our plan moving forward and we will be happy to explain in more detail.

Thank you,

West Side Transport

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