Awards Gala – Post Mortum

West Side Transport’s first annual awards gala was a great success. We gave away 24 awards for various accomplishments. We also gave away over 200 prizes and 5 GRAND PRIZES! Every single employee for West Side Transport left with a prize and a West Side Transport laser engraved decorative glass.

We awarded driver with safe driving awards who logged either 500,000 miles, 1 million miles and 2 million accident free miles. This is a HUGE accomplishment and almost unfathomable that someone can go 500,000 to 2 million miles without a single accident.

500,000 Miles                                 1 Million Miles                      2 Million Miles       

Brian Garrick                                     Gary Peldo                             Ed Yoder
Richard Umberger                            Dave Fleming                        Will Parrish
David Reuland
Steve Wilson
Kevin Hofecker
Tim Hull
James Moore

Congratulations to our Safe Driving Award recipients on an excellent job!

Outstanding Student of the Year

We have a great student program at West Side Transport. We wanted to make sure we awarded excellence for going above and beyond what was expected. We had a lot of students who qualified for the this award but we could only choose one!

Outstanding Student of the Year- Bryan Deininger

Outstanding Trainer of the Year

The reason our student driving program is so successful is because we have the best group of trainers that a company could ever hope for. Our trainers take pride in their ability to train the future generation of drivers! This was a very close call and a very difficult decision to make. Safety looked at each students accident history and who trained that student and added them up. The outstanding trainer of the year had 0 students who had 0 accidents over 2014 which is what set him a part from the rest of the group.

Outstanding Trainer of the Year – Jesse Baker

Drivers of the Month:

January- Richard Appleby                         July- Richard Umberger
February- Daniel Smith                            August- Jesse Baker
March- Eric Ellsworth                               September- Matt Stoudemire
April- Linda Maisonneuve                        October- Andrew Vanderoff
May- Charles Smith                                  November- James Moore
June- John Meier

Congratulations to all “Drivers of the Month!!”

Driver of the Year

Another very difficult decision on deciding who would be our driver of the year. Even though every driver of the month deserves this award we had to decide on only one.

Driver of the Year – Eric Ellsworth

Congratulations to Eric on a truly fantastic year! We all appreciate you and everything you do for West Side Transport!

We already planning 2015  awards gala that will be even bigger and better than 2014! If you work for West Side Transport save a date on your calendar for March 5, 2016 so you can attend. Contact Amy Jordan ( in HR to RSVP early!

Thank you to everyone who helped organize and plan the event and for making 2014 a year to remember!

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