2014 Awards Gala

West Side Transport is having it’s very first awards gala on February 7th at the Kirkwood Hotel and Convention Center. West Side Transport Management Team wanted to do something special for the drivers and for the employees of West Side this year by throwing an Awards Gala that everybody is invited to attend and have a great time. Dinner will be provided buffet style during the awards ceremony. Once the award ceremony is completed we will bringing in a comedian from the Bob and Tom show for entertainment.

Awards to be given away:

Years of Service – Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to the overall success of West Side Transport. This award is for people who have been with West Side for 5 to 25 years!

Safe Driver of the Year – Safety, operations and driver services leaders got together and chose the safest driver based on certain criteria to decide who would win this award.

Student Driver of the Year – Safety, operations and driver services managers put together a list of criteria to choose the student of the year.

Trainer of the Year – Safety, operations and driver services managers arranged criteria to base decision on who they all thought was Trainer of the Year.

Driver of the Month – this year we are choosing 11 drivers of the month. All 11 know they won already. We will be using this group to choose our driver of the year.

Driver of the Year – Will be one of the drivers of the month.

Did I forget to mention that everybody that works for West Side Transport will be leaving with a prize that is valued from $10 to $500! Let’s hope luck is on your side that night when we read off the numbers during the prize give away! Also everybody will be leaving with a complimentary West Side Transport etched glass for you to enjoy at home or at work!

Small list of prizes: 50″ Smart TV, snow blower, kindle’s, BEATS headphones, electric smoker, ASUS Transformers, Roku, fire pit, viper remote starter, nikon camera, iPad mini, 32″ TV…….

We hope to see you all there! Remember this night is for and your spouses saying thank you for your hard work and dedication to West Side Transport!

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