New Website Coming Soon

West Side Transport has had the same website for a number of years now and it’s time for an update. After talking with several companies and getting an idea of direction and prices we decided to go with Hightower Ad Agency on our redesign. Hightower and West Side Transport already have a well-established relationship due to them being our number one recruiting advertising agency. This made it an easy choice for me to go with them. Once we decided who we were going with we needed to decide on an overall look of the website. My main concern was functionality, updated look and making sure the website doesn’t look overly busy. Once we had that decided we realized that we didn’t have any professionally done photos with some of our current drivers to use on our new website. So we asked Diane Strickland and Brad Shumaker to pose for us in front of one of our new 2015 International Prostar to give the website a fresh new look.

Currently we are looking at a February 13 release date for the new website design. Hightower is working hard on making sure the new website is formatted for computers, tablets, and phones so anybody and everybody will be able to view our website from any type of device. A neat feature we will be including on our website is link that drivers can send us pictures and share them on our website. So far we have received some very beautiful pictures of different landscapes and scenery that will be going on the new website as soon as it’s up and running.

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