Company History

West Side Unlimited started as a family business over 60 years ago. It all started with Dale Vogt (father) and his creative genius to for finding new and more efficient ways to pick up spilled grain in the Cedar Rapids railroad yards, screening it to remove gravel and other impurities and then resell it as feed grain. “We would go down with pickup trucks, scoop shovels and bushel baskets to clean this grain, bring it back and feed it to the livestock. I remember one Saturday morning when we picked up more than 10 pickup loads of grain,” Don remembered. The increasing volume of the salvage business prompted the company to purchase additional equipment. In 1981 Don and the rest of the family saw an opportunity to bid on a run for ADM Corn Sweeteners hauling product from one plant to another with the 8 tractors the Vogt family owned at the time. By the end of July 1986 the Vogt family grew the transport business to over 50 trucks and 90 semi-trailers mainly hauling for ADM Corn Sweetener and Cargill.

Today West Side Transport is currently owned and operated by Don Vogt. West Side Transport is now over 550 trucks and over 2,000 trailers with terminals in Cedar Rapids, IA, Glenwood, IL, St. Paul, MN and Indianapolis, IN. We continue to grow our West Side Transport family by offering a great place to work and grow individually and professionally.

One thought on “Company History

  1. This is the best job I’ve EVER had. The people I work with form dispatch, the shop and all personnel are very good people. They talk to you like you’re an adult not an idiot like most companies I’ve dealt with. Wish I had started my driving career here.

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