Out with old, In with new!

Starting in April of 2015 West Side Transport is trading in our 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012’s and bringing in brand new 2016 Freightliners and Internationals. Over 170 trucks are being replaced with new trucks and we are adding additional 35 trucks to support our customer growth. This means the oldest West Side Transport truck on the road will be only 2 years old with 2013’s being our oldest truck on the road. The trade out will be completed by the end of November 2015.

For new drivers coming on board we recognize that getting an older truck isn’t aesthetically pleasing but we have a solution. We have been issuing a certificate that we give to every driver that is being issued an older truck promising that we will get them into a new truck as soon as they arrive.

If you have any questions about the truck delivery dates please contact myself Justin, Manger of Recruiting at 319-390-4466 ext. 201.

$900 Week Minimum Pay Commitment

Commitment Pay is our commitment to you as a new driver for West Side Transport that you will earn no less than $900 a week minimum while you transition to the West Side Transport way of running! Recent graduates to experienced drivers that are being assigned to our Regional (home weekly) or Over the Road (home every other week) positions are eligible for our $900 week minimum pay commitment! If you make less than the $900 in a week during the Pay Commitment time period West Side Transport will pay the difference.

West Side Transport Direction

West Side Transport recognizes the trucking industry is changing. 15 years ago you could find a great number of drivers that would be willing to go out for 4 to 5 weeks at a time and then get home for a couple of days and then do it all over again. Today is a little bit different in drivers want and deserve more home time to do all of the things people do with a regular 9-5 position if such a thing exists anymore.

West Side Transport is looking at our freight and seeing what we can add to it that would make sense for us and the structure we are looking to accomplish that will allow the drivers that want to get home daily, home. We want to give those drivers their home time but also want to give the drivers that want longer lengths of haul and prefer getting home weekly and biweekly the paycheck they deserve.

The Plan

We have already established what we like to call our Chicago Hub position that get the drivers in this position home daily making deliveries within a 200 mile radius around the Chicago, IL area. The next Hub location is in Cedar Rapids, IA for our home daily positions out of our main terminal. We have a couple ideas in the works as far as where we would want the next Hub to be located but it’s definitely in the works of conversation.

By creating a Hub position and adding longer lengths of haul we will now be able to start working on creating an even better paycheck for our home weekly and biweekly positions. With the Hub we will be able to use them as our local deliveries which means our regional and over the road drivers will be able to drop their load in a yard grab another load and start trucking down the road without having to go directly into the customers shipping quarters as often which means more time to actually do what you do best, DRIVE!

I am going to ask you to use your imagination so you can visualize this with me!

Think of Chicago, IL. Now put a big red circle around Chicago which would be our Hub fleet’s driving area that will allow them to get home daily. Okay so you got that? Good! Okay put the same circle around Cedar Rapids, IA which will be the same as Chicago Hub with a 200 mile radius to get home daily. Got it? Good! Now take those 2 big red circles and picture a bunch of green lines drawn to Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, Kentucky, Maryland, and Arkansas. In my mind it looks like a spider web of sorts with the 2 middle hub positions and a bunch of webbing coming off it going to various parts of the country.

Help us out- We understand this is an ambitious plan and that we need to make many, many changes to allow us to succeed at creating, implementing and making sure the plan going forward is successful. If you currently drive for us we need your help in being patient and allow us to make the changes that will eventually help you be more successful with West Side Transport. West Side Transport doesn’t make a change without talking about the drivers first and how it will affect them, their family and their paycheck. Drivers are by far the most integral part of West Side Transport that we need to make sure are happy and retained!

Let us know if you have any questions about our plan moving forward and we will be happy to explain in more detail.

Thank you,

West Side Transport

New Trucks – 2016 Internationals and Freightliners

Just delivered in April – 20 International Day Cabs Automatics.

Coming in May

8 International Day Cab Automatics

17 Freightliner Sleepers with 10 Speed Transmissions

So far West Side Transport has received 20 of the 203 tractors that will be delivered until the of November 2015. 20 down, 183 to go!

If a new driver coming into orientation is assigned an older tractor that is scheduled to be traded in we give them our “Truck Upgrade Certificate” to assure them that they will be getting a newer tractor as soon as they are in and ready to go!

We continue to update our current drivers with new tractors coming in to make sure they are taken care of as well!

Transition Pay – Let us Pay you more!

A couple of questions has come to the management team in the past couple of months that we needed to answer when we decided to look into our sign on bonus. First one was. Why do drivers want to leave a company? Second is how can we get our drivers to stay?

We believe drivers leave the company they decided to choose within the first 6 months for one main reason. They aren’t making enough money while they are still learning and getting used to the company they just signed up for. Do we have drivers that are hired and it just clicks and they start making a good paycheck right away? Yes, absolutely but we wanted to put in an extra incentive in there for our drivers that are hired into our company that it takes a little bit more time for them to learn the lanes, system, Qualcomm, E-logs, preplanning and anything else that a newly hired driver would need to get acclimated to. We decided to implement what we call at West Side Transport “Transition Pay.”

Transition Pay is an extra $100 a week on top of your regular mileage pay that we pay to every driver that is coming on board with us that is running our Midwest Regional or Regional positions. West Side pays you the additional $100 a week for 25 weeks for a total of $2,500. Most companies in the industry are right now offering a sign on bonus of some sort that will pay out eventually either after 3 months to 2 years. At West Side Transport a driver who just finished orientation and was hired will receive his first $100 of the transition pay and will have 24 more weeks of the Transition Pay.

Example: Jane Doe is hired with 1 year experience and is running our home biweekly lane. Jane’s mileage pay is $.38 per mile starting pay. If we took the Transition Pay and put it in a per mile pay she would receive an additional $.05 (nickle) a mile if she ran 2,000 miles her first week. That alone would bring her pay to $.43 per mile. Also with our current experienced bands Jane would receive a $.01 raise after her first month of employment with West Side Transport bringing her base mileage pay to $.39 per mile and with the Transition Pay her pay would be $.44/mile.

We believe by providing our drivers with additional money while they learn our system and different ins and outs of it we will still be able to provide our drivers with a good paycheck that will make them proud to drive for West Side Transport.

Thank you,

West Side

Awards Gala – Post Mortum

West Side Transport’s first annual awards gala was a great success. We gave away 24 awards for various accomplishments. We also gave away over 200 prizes and 5 GRAND PRIZES! Every single employee for West Side Transport left with a prize and a West Side Transport laser engraved decorative glass.

We awarded driver with safe driving awards who logged either 500,000 miles, 1 million miles and 2 million accident free miles. This is a HUGE accomplishment and almost unfathomable that someone can go 500,000 to 2 million miles without a single accident.

500,000 Miles                                 1 Million Miles                      2 Million Miles       

Brian Garrick                                     Gary Peldo                             Ed Yoder
Richard Umberger                            Dave Fleming                        Will Parrish
David Reuland
Steve Wilson
Kevin Hofecker
Tim Hull
James Moore

Congratulations to our Safe Driving Award recipients on an excellent job!

Outstanding Student of the Year

We have a great student program at West Side Transport. We wanted to make sure we awarded excellence for going above and beyond what was expected. We had a lot of students who qualified for the this award but we could only choose one!

Outstanding Student of the Year- Bryan Deininger

Outstanding Trainer of the Year

The reason our student driving program is so successful is because we have the best group of trainers that a company could ever hope for. Our trainers take pride in their ability to train the future generation of drivers! This was a very close call and a very difficult decision to make. Safety looked at each students accident history and who trained that student and added them up. The outstanding trainer of the year had 0 students who had 0 accidents over 2014 which is what set him a part from the rest of the group.

Outstanding Trainer of the Year – Jesse Baker

Drivers of the Month:

January- Richard Appleby                         July- Richard Umberger
February- Daniel Smith                            August- Jesse Baker
March- Eric Ellsworth                               September- Matt Stoudemire
April- Linda Maisonneuve                        October- Andrew Vanderoff
May- Charles Smith                                  November- James Moore
June- John Meier

Congratulations to all “Drivers of the Month!!”

Driver of the Year

Another very difficult decision on deciding who would be our driver of the year. Even though every driver of the month deserves this award we had to decide on only one.

Driver of the Year – Eric Ellsworth

Congratulations to Eric on a truly fantastic year! We all appreciate you and everything you do for West Side Transport!

We already planning 2015  awards gala that will be even bigger and better than 2014! If you work for West Side Transport save a date on your calendar for March 5, 2016 so you can attend. Contact Amy Jordan (amyj@westsidetransport.com) in HR to RSVP early!

Thank you to everyone who helped organize and plan the event and for making 2014 a year to remember!

2014 Awards Gala

West Side Transport is having it’s very first awards gala on February 7th at the Kirkwood Hotel and Convention Center. West Side Transport Management Team wanted to do something special for the drivers and for the employees of West Side this year by throwing an Awards Gala that everybody is invited to attend and have a great time. Dinner will be provided buffet style during the awards ceremony. Once the award ceremony is completed we will bringing in a comedian from the Bob and Tom show for entertainment.

Awards to be given away:

Years of Service – Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to the overall success of West Side Transport. This award is for people who have been with West Side for 5 to 25 years!

Safe Driver of the Year – Safety, operations and driver services leaders got together and chose the safest driver based on certain criteria to decide who would win this award.

Student Driver of the Year – Safety, operations and driver services managers put together a list of criteria to choose the student of the year.

Trainer of the Year – Safety, operations and driver services managers arranged criteria to base decision on who they all thought was Trainer of the Year.

Driver of the Month – this year we are choosing 11 drivers of the month. All 11 know they won already. We will be using this group to choose our driver of the year.

Driver of the Year – Will be one of the drivers of the month.

Did I forget to mention that everybody that works for West Side Transport will be leaving with a prize that is valued from $10 to $500! Let’s hope luck is on your side that night when we read off the numbers during the prize give away! Also everybody will be leaving with a complimentary West Side Transport etched glass for you to enjoy at home or at work!

Small list of prizes: 50″ Smart TV, snow blower, kindle’s, BEATS headphones, electric smoker, ASUS Transformers, Roku, fire pit, viper remote starter, nikon camera, iPad mini, 32″ TV…….

We hope to see you all there! Remember this night is for and your spouses saying thank you for your hard work and dedication to West Side Transport!